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33 Ways To Tell If You're Addicted To Facebook

The first step is admitting that you have a problem.

1. You start becoming desperate for likes:

2. You try to be really deep:

3. You use it to keep track of literally everything that happens in a relationship:

4. You try to use it to buy drugs:

5. You put way too much effort into taking a profile picture:

6. Facebook thinks you're a knee:

7. You think paranormal things are starting to happen:

8. You start to lose your mind:

9. You start mixing status updates together:

10. You get robbed:

11. You start trying to act tough to justify your addiction:

12. You start treating it like a diary:

13. You forget what punctuation is:

14. You jump on every bandwagon you can:

15. "Can u say it on my wall?":

16. You lose your ability to spell:

17. Everyone starts to look like they're plotting against you:

18. Strange things start to look delicious:

19. You think making statuses is more helpful than going outside:

20. You want to ruin everyone else's childhood:

21. You cut your hair just for a profile picture:

22. You start to think everything is okay to ask for in a wall post:

23. You start having weird feelings for family members:

Or for body parts:

24. Your weekend plans start to become ridiculous:

25. You don't know when to quit anymore:

26. Posting statuses becomes the most exciting part of your day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27. Facebook>Hospital:

28. You try to find job opportunities using it:

29. You like your own status:

30. You have time to do this:

31. You start worrying about every little thing:

32. Your parents start becoming just as creepy as you are:

33. And then this happens: