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This Is What Life Should Be Like


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1. NASCAR would be more like Mario Kart:

2. Every dog would get a well deserved makeover:

3. Every breakfast would be like this:

4. Nick Carter would still be this sassy:

5. This pug would have all these jellybeans:

6. This would be a reality:

7. Everyone would switch from cars to adult-sized big wheels:

8. Everyone would wear this everyday:

Or at least just Fridays.

Or at least just Fridays.

9. Every cat would have a permanent top hat:

10. Everyone's name would be like this:

Or this:

11. Everyone would devote their time to solving one of life's greatest mysteries:

12. Everyone would party hard with gorillas:

13. Elmo would be elected to higher office:

14. All babies would be dressed in suits:

15. Everyone would save energy by using horses to dry their clothes:

16. Pringles would come like this:

17. Getting rid of bugs would be this fun:

18. Someone would give this snake a towel:

19. This Furby would be in rehab:

20. This would be a reality:

21. Babies would be given out with every McDonald's Happy Meal:

22. THIS pug would have THIS tennis ball:

23. Everyone would just say "Hi":

24. Babies would take MySpace pictures:

25. All babies would smoke pipes and solve mysteries:

26. Everyone would always travel with pandas:

27. And find something to believe in:

28. People like this wouldn't exist:

29. Every dog would wear shoes:

30. Everyone would live inside a shoe:

31. And this would be done to Florida:

Come on, Florida. You know it's true.

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