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    23 Ways To Get Over Your Intense "Breaking Bad" Depression

    Breaking Bad may have ended, but our collective obsession is far from finished.

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    1. Speculate about alternative endings:

    Like this:

    2. Also speculate about what else was written in Walt's copy of Leaves of Grass:

    3. Every fan needs to have their own theories about the series:

    Even if your theories suck:

    4. Like, what if Aaron Paul played Walter White?

    And Bryan Cranston played Jesse Pinkman?

    And what if Bryan Cranston played Hector and Aaron Paul played a giant chicken? WHAT IF?!

    5. The good news is, you'll finally have time to get that Todd fan blog off the ground:

    6. I mean, who DOESN'T think Todd is the perfect man?

    7. Take a second to appreciate that some of the regular characters pulled through in the end:


    8. Start writing erotic fan fiction:

    9. Use the show as motivation to accomplish your goals...

    ...or as an outlet for your creativity.

    You can even perfect the recipe for your "franch" sauce:

    10. Just know that we'll always have Better Call Saul!

    11. And we can always hope for a spin-off about Walt Jr. learning how to drive:

    12. Or that Huell spin-off we've all been waiting for:

    13. Just pretend that Malcolm in the Middle is a spin-off in which Walt joins witness protection:

    14. And maybe you can even try to find Chinese bootlegs of the series. I hear the overseas cut is totally different:

    15. But for now, brush up on your Breaking Bad puns...

    16. ...and knock-knock jokes:

    17. Maybe you can figure out how to get hired as the hair stylist on Vince Gilligan's next show:


    Easiest job ever.

    18. But for now, let's all just remember the good times, like when Walt first learned chemistry:

    Ursula Coyote / AMC

    19. And the time Gus and the boys got together:

    Ursula Coyote / AMC

    20. And Hank's last time on the toilet:

    21. Or every time Walt had to get his porkpie hat adjusted on set:

    Ursula Coyote / AMC

    22. The time when Hank was just good old Hank:

    Ursula Coyote / AMC

    23. Remember: You can always just watch the last scene over and over again.

    Your reaction will probably look something like this.

    Now cook yourself the most important meal of the day...

    Think about where Huell is at this very moment...


    Get your fix in...

    ...because you know what to do.

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