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    The 19 Worst Parts Of Waiting For Someone To Text Back

    The waiting game.

    1. Stage one: Waiting patiently.

    2. Stage two: Sending a polite follow up.

    3. Stage three: Loneliness begins to set in.

    4. Stage four: Writing protest songs.

    5. Stage five: Guilt tripping.

    6. Stage six: Trying to act like you don't care, but mostly feeling like a child with the face of Steve Buscemi.

    7. Stage seven: Rationalizing.

    8. Stage eight: Genuinely worrying about the physical well-being of the other person.

    9. Stage nine: Trying to find a solution.

    10. Stage ten: Worrying if it's YOU not THEM.

    11. Stage eleven: Hallucinations begin to set in.

    12. Stage twelve: Finding comfort in Kelly Rowland.

    13. Stage thirteen: ANGER.

    14. Stage fourteen: Rash decisions.

    15. Stage fifteen: Sadness.

    16. Stage sixteen: Consulting others for help.

    17. Stage seventeen: RISING ABOVE.

    18. Stage eighteen: Self reliance.

    19. Stage nineteen: Freedom.