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    To The One Insane Guy Wearing Shorts Today: You Don't Have To Do This

    You don't have to do this.

    My fellow men: it doesn't have to be this way.

    Despite the Winter Vortex, somewhere right now there is a white dude wearing shorts talking about how he never really gets cold.

    Your ankles deserve better than this.

    Your KNEES deserve better than this.

    And there it is. A white boy wearing basketball shorts on one of the coldest days so far this year. It was the first thing i saw this morning.

    Please, think about your calves.

    I get it, you like to have a little leg freedom. I do too.

    But now's not the time.

    Specifically, the time is between the months of June and September.

    Don't do this. Please.

    It’s white guys wear shorts weather

    Rethink your decision.

    You don't have to wear shorts to prove how warm you are. I know you're warm at heart.

    You just don't have to.

    Freezing cold outside, but there's always that 1 white boy wearing shorts 😑

    So please, with temperatures hitting all time lows across the US...

    White people at my school be like , it's 9 degrees outside but imma put on shorts with my north face 😒

    With wind chills cutting to the bone...

    Put on some damn pants.

    Feels like 4 degrees, spots white dude in shorts? Seems legit. Should have slapped his ankles smh.