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    18 Pictures That Are Life When Your Upstairs Neighbors Are Absolute Monsters

    SHUT UP!!!!

    1. You're well familiar with their shoe of choice:

    2. Way too familiar:

    3. I mean, seriously, what are they wearing?

    4. Jordan Air Rocks?

    5. Nike Metal Boosts?

    6. And you're pretty sure this is their transportation method of choice:

    7. They seem to be doing all sorts of home improvement at any hour of the day:

    8. And night:

    9. Seriously, WHAT IS GOING ON UP THERE:

    10. Getting a good night's sleep has become almost impossible:

    11. You're almost positive they wake up every day and have this conversation:

    12. Or wait 'til the clock hits 3 a.m. and have this thought:

    13. You're pretty certain they look like this:

    14. You start to wonder, is there a lit'ral horse up there?

    15. Could it be, like, forty-eight speakers?

    16. What are they arguing about?

    17. You've contemplated revenge:

    18. Because nothing is worth than this: