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The 26 Most Unfortunate Pictures Ever Taken

That's not going in the photo album.

1. That's not what you think it is:

2. That's not grandpa's big surprise at the family reunion:

3. This isn't a picture of ladies' night taking an unexpected turn:

4. This isn't the creepiest photo ever taken:

5. This isn't as bad as you think it is:

6. This is not a nudist at the wrong party:

7. This isn't a picture of a guy in a purple thong doing splits:

8. This limo ride didn't take an unexpected turn:

9. This also isn't a nudist at the wrong party:

10. This isn't a mirror pic taken at the worst possible moment:

11. This isn't a bird's eye view of a life-size doll:

12. This isn't the most forward dating photo ever:

13. This party didn't just get taken to the next level:

14. This isn't a football fan that decided to have a little fun during halftime:

15. This isn't a not safe for work photobomb:

16. This isn't a shocking picture of a mythical creature:

17. This isn't a man with a very liberal bathing suit stretching on the beach:

18. This isn't a picture of a mutant:

19. This isn't a picture of a dude that likes lifting weights a little TOO much:

20. This isn't the worst father and son picture ever:

21. This isn't a two-headed beast:

22. This isn't a picture of a tiny man riding a woman:

23. This isn't a guitarist with a very interesting technique:

24. This isn't a new form of yoga you need to try:

25. This isn't a gold medal winning-move:

26. And, of course, this isn't what you think it is: