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Jun 15, 2020

22 Things Basically Everyone Has Experienced But Never, Ever Talks About

It's all true.

1. The rub:

2. The immediate amnesia:

3. The invisible smile:

4. The pain:

5. The ghost check:

6. The totally sound financial decision:

7. The terror:

8. The worries:

9. The crackle:

10. The immediate track:

11. The click clacks:

12. The sign of a good nap:

13. The most hilarious joke:

14. The unexplainable difference:

15. The realization:

16. The pure, pure joy:

17. The totally healthy seating position:

18. The grand heist:

19. The best ice around:

20. The sleep checklist:

21. The restart:

22. And finally, the devastation:

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