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23 Food Facts That Are Totally And Undeniably True


1. Cereal tastes better at night:

2. Reese's are always better in tree or egg form:

3. Mini M&M's are better than normal-size:

4. When an Oreo has colored frosting, it is immediately better:

5. Gatorade is way better out of this bottle:

6. None of these bottled waters taste the same:

7. Pudding tastes better with a plastic spoon:

8. Spinach is a magician:

Via Twitter: @shutupmikeginn

9. Every liquid is better out of a glass bottle:

10. Your cup wants to betray you:

11. Mac & cheese is better with shapes:

12. Apples taste better sliced:

13. These taste totally different:

14. This is pure garbage:

15. Avocados last one minute:

16. Expensive food doesn't make any sense:

17. Food tastes better when it's not yours:

18. These cookies taste way better than they should:

19. Everyone has eaten the paper:

20. String cheese is next level when peeled:

21. Candy corn is best in pumpkin form:

22. Slicing a sandwich makes it three times as delicious:

23. And the words "free food" makes everything taste better: