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    22 Pictures That Will Make You Uncomfortable For No Reason At All

    Anyone else feel itchy? I feel itchy.

    1. Oh no.

    2. Ohhhh no no no no.

    3. I have chills.

    4. Why did this happen?

    5. Sheesh.


    7. I..... I.....

    8. This isn't right.

    9. Saints preserve us.

    10. Somebody STOP this.

    11. Mama mia.

    12. Just... why.

    13. My soul hurts.


    14. My butt hurts.

    15. I can FEEL this.

    16. What mind of monster...

    17. My god.

    18. My foot.

    19. AHHHHHHH.

    20. My brain can't take this.

    21. My heart can't take this.

    22. This is the worst.


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