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    If You Were Born Before 1995, This List Is Basically Your Entire Childhood

    Every single one of them.


    1. Pouring out some cereal and getting a dusty l'il prize:

    prize inside a cereal box

    2. That unmistakable crayon smell:


    3. These erasers that looked great but really didn't erase at all:

    erasers designed to look like fruit

    4. Those ol' crinkly insides of a VHS tape case:

    VHS tape case

    5. How futuristic see-through designs used to seem:

    see-through products

    6. The cups everyone had at least one of:

    disney cups

    7. The tastiest ice cream:

    vanilla ice cream

    8. Delicious, star-shaped toothpaste:

    star-shaped toothpaste

    9. Playing catch with these for two minutes before the ball stopped sticking:

    velcro catching game

    10. Those old soda logos on a vending machine:

    old school vending machine

    11. Walking into Blockbuster and feeling the endless possibilities:

    blockbuster aisle

    12. The feeling of holding that orange tape and knowing you were in for a treat:

    orange vhs tape

    13. The original engagement ring:

    wooden box with a bug in it

    14. Sweet, delicious Dunkaroos:


    15. The book everyone has read:

    hatchet the book

    16. Wooden playgrounds full of bees and splinters:

    wooden playground

    17. The two VHS tape struggle:

    2 vhs tape setup of titanic

    18. Those fake doll cherries:

    fake doll cherries

    19. Waiting days for your pictures to develop, only to find out they were all of your thumb:

    disposable camera

    20. The loudest sound known to humanity:

    coming soon to own on dvd screen

    21. Spending way too much time on this game:

    waterful ring toss game

    22. The best day at school, Parachute Day:

    One of my favorite childhood memories. Anyone else remember this?

    Twitter: @wbny

    23. That sticky, plasticky furniture you wanted, for whatever reason:

    plastic furniture

    24. Playing video games on the greasiest controllers in the universe:

    mcdonalds gaming kiosk

    25. That one ball that just appeared:

    purple plastic ball

    26. The only map you'd ever need:

    rug map

    27. Setting the TV to channel 3 just to watch movies:

    static filled channel 3

    28. The original fidget spinner:

    bird balanced on a finger

    29. All those foods that destroyed your teeth, but man, oh man, were they worth it:

    sugary childhood candies

    30. The most stylin' pair of skates in the world:

    plastic skates

    31. Reading the lyrics and being amazed:

    lyric book

    32. The entire galaxy in your bedroom:

    stickable glow in the dark stars

    33. Pinball...IN SPACE:

    pc pinball game

    34. Your first car:

    plastic bug car

    35. The reason you're an artistic genius:

    art kit

    36. And the greatest pens in the world...milky pens:

    milky pens

    Can't forget gel pens, too.

    37. This literary classic:

    rainbown fish book

    38. The devestation of losing the top:

    detatcchable pen parts

    39. Making the perfect mix:

    burned cd

    40. The incredible combination of stamps and markers... STAMP MARKERS:

    stamp markers

    41. The best lunchtime snack:

    cosmic brownie

    42. Your first pet (and also the first thing you killed):


    43. The nonautomatic struggle:

    car window roller

    44. Delicious, delicious medicine:


    45. Living a healthy lifestyle:

    flinstones vitimins

    46. The only thing worse than stepping on a Lego:

    butterfly clips

    Well, maybe not.

    47. The original iPad:

    etch a sketch

    48. Trying to achieve the impossible:

    3 color pen

    49. All the CLASSICS:

    vhs tapes

    50. The other best day at school:

    old tv on wheels

    51. That one Playskool flashlight with the green and red lights:

    playskool flashlight

    52. That ancient alarm clock that just appeared in old people bedrooms:

    old school arm clock

    53. Tiny, tiny homes:

    polly pocket

    54. That one iced tea commercial:

    nestea skeleton drinking iced tea

    55. The essential sun drawn in the corner of every picture:

    sun drawn in the corner of a page

    56. The Handy Dandy notebook:

    handy dandy notebook

    57. And your first cellphone experience:

    nokai phone
    Twitter: @TrxllStar

    The battery lasted FOREVER.

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