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    Teachers Are Sharing The Extremely Annoying Students They Have In Their Class And, Wow, I Have A Migraine

    You know exactly who they are.

    1. The kid who doesn't know how to be quiet:

    When the loudest sound in the room is the kid saying "Shhhhhh" 😑

    Twitter: @ssarahrashid

    2. The kid who never, ever listens:

    3. The kid who thinks they can magically get an A:

    *Student is missing 10 assignments *Student does not pay attention in class *Student does not attend help sessions Student in the last week of December: How can I get an 'A'? Me:

    Twitter: @teachergoals

    4. The kid who never asks questions when you want them to:

    5. The kid who thinks it's cool to use a pencil like this:

    very tiny pencil

    6. The kid who never misses an opportunity to share some info no one gives a hoot about:

    7. The kid who thinks this is an excuse:

    8. The kid who just screams all the time:

    tweet reading those kids in your class who scream right when the teacher turns off the lights

    9. The kid who thinks what there mom says has literally anything to do with what the teacher says:

    10. The kid who has the loudest mic in existence:

    11. The kid who thinks what other teachers say makes any kind of difference in your class:

    12. The kid who tries to hide every time a question is asked:

    This is familiar, especially after all the eager volunteers are done. #teacherproblems #presentations.

    Twitter: @HSTeachProbs

    13. The kid who always points out the food you have:

    14. The kid whose desk always looks like this:

    very messy desk

    15. The kid who is the first in a long line of annoying kids:


    Twitter: @GloriaGooden1

    16. The kid who is always cracking their back on this kind of chair:

    17. The kid who makes up these wild rules:

    Teacher: *shows up .0373 seconds late* “You know if she doesn’t show up in 15 minutes we’re legally allowed to leave”

    Twitter: @WaitWhosPetar

    18. The kid who spends most of their classroom time getting the perfect point on a pencil:

    19. The kid never, ever has a pencil:

    20. The kid who always thinks this is funny:

    21. The kid who always calls you out on every little flub:

    22. The kid who makes you say this all the time:

    *waits for class to be silent* My brain: Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Me: “It’s your time you’re wasting, not mine.”

    Twitter: @mrtooze

    Wait, that's all of them.