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18 Types Of People Who Had The Worst Year Ever

Dang. Maybe 2013 will be better.

1. People who tried to get a new Facebook profile pic with a tiger:

2. People who got stone-cold rejected by Drake:

3. People who tried to relive their childhood:

4. People who started exercising again:

5. People with a slippery baby:

6. People who have NO IDEA how dominoes work:

7. People who pitched for the New York Yankees:

8. People who couldn't figure out how coats work:

9. People easily scared:

10. People who tried to act all tough when their hat was stolen, when really it devastated them:

11. People (particularly Germans) who cannonballed into a pool of ice:

12. People who didn't know when to stop dancing:

13. People who are also mummies:

14. People who had their Olympic dreams crushed:

15. People who forgot how ketchup was supposed to work:

16. People who didn't check their surroundings before throwing a fit:

17. People who worked on their catwalk routine a little too hard:

18. And people like this guy. Actually, just this guy. This guy definitely had the worst year: