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    21 Tweets People Under 18 Will Never Ever Be Able To Understand

    Honestly, maybe people under 25.

    1. The struggle:

    2. The darkest days:

    3. The longest wait of your life:

    4. Loud-ass computers:

    5. The never-ending download:

    6. Our future oldies:

    7. How we all imagined the lake:

    8. The major difference:

    9. The important difference:

    10. Disney Channel lessons:

    11. The insanity of it all:

    12. Solid advice:

    13. The fear:

    14. Terrifying ghosts:

    15. The original memes:

    16. Flo Rida flights:

    17. The important questions:

    18. Blink's warning:

    19. Safety first:

    20. The original OOTD:

    21. In conclusion:

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