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    27 Pictures People Born After 1999 Will Never, Ever Be Able To Understand

    I mean, true.

    1. The longest 8 hours of your life:

    tweet reading some of you never had to wait 8 hours for a limp bizkit song to download and it shows

    2. The relief:

    tweet reading today's kids will never know the joy of being able to slam the phone down

    3. What the original Netflix looked like:

    tweet about the original netflix being a dvd case

    4. How wild MySpace was:

    tweet reading myspace really made us rank our friends 1-8

    5. How much time you wasted typing out a text:

    meme about typing numbers for t9

    6. The mad dash:

    I feel sorry for Netflix era kids. They will never know the high stakes adrenaline of running to the bathroom/fridge/bedroom in a single ad break, with the beckoning call of a sibling screaming “It’s ONNNNNN” to send you hurdling over furniture to get back in time.

    7. The worst words in the English language:

    meme that says get off the internet i need to use the phone

    8. The dark days:

    tweet about how annoying it was to add album art on itunes

    9. The wildest time to be alive:

    10. What happened in McDonald's that day:

    11. Peak MySpace:

    12. How to effectively measure time:

    13. The devestation:

    The code for the bathroom at this Starbucks is 90210 which the young barista passed on matter-of-factly as "nine zero two one zero" causing me to crumble into infinity dust

    14. This fact of life:

    15. Who this guy is:

    My dad looks like he just got a letter

    16. The torture:

    17. Past belts becoming future embarrassment:

    embarrassing middle school belt

    18. The sanctuary:

    tweet about the existence of a computer room being a thing

    19. The original Spotify:

    tweet of an original mp3 player

    20. Late 2000s babies:

    tweet reading when were you born 13 year old 2007 omg and you can walk

    21. The warm glow of the TV:

    tweet about waking up in the middle of the night to george lopez

    22. Proto-Alexa:

    tweet about how alexa was the original smarthouse

    23. Becoming a technological genius:

    tweet about connecting hdmi cables and how you felt like an electrician

    24. The loudest sound known to humankind:

    tumblr post about how loud a floppy disk in a drive used to be

    25. The no-internet struggle:

    tweet about playing the windows pinball game when the internet went down

    26. The implications of being that low:

    tweet about flo-rida's song low and the lyrics are strange

    27. And, finally, Blink's truth:

    tweet reading remember when you were like 12 years old and you'd sing along to blink 182 and say work sucks i know and now i really do know