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    50 Tweets That Pretty Much Perfectly Sum Up What Being In Your 30s Is All About

    "Welcome to your thirties. You can't bend that way anymore."

    1. Being an adult is about knowing your limits:

    Welcome to your 30s. You can’t bend that way anymore

    Twitter: @iwearaonesie

    2. It's about enjoyin' a little treat:

    If you wanna know what being in your 30s is like, I just ordered an Orange Soda with lunch and said “that’ll be a nice little treat” out loud.

    Twitter: @louisccomedy

    3. It's about realizing the horrible truth:

    Did you know all your parents' haggard old friends from your childhood memories were in fact 31 years old

    Twitter: @conorotoole

    4. It's about having a PLAN:

    When you're 20, fifteen people could turn up to your house at any moment. When you're 30 it literally takes two months of planning to see a friend.

    Twitter: @mattokine

    5. It's about knowing the difference:

    Alcohol in your 30s ain’t nearly the same as your 20s. Bruh I was immortal in my 20s. Alcohol is a business decision now.

    Twitter: @A1rWick

    6. It's about weekends getting shorter and shorter:

    Somebody said these weekends starting to feel like 30 min lunch breaks and I felt that in my soul.

    Twitter: @lifeashales

    7. It's about realizing the difference in early 20s and late 20s:

    the adult you think you are at 18-24 is not the same adult you will be at 25-30

    Twitter: @mxnstrxlogy

    8. It's about getting a little wild and crazy:

    Being spontaneous in your late thirties sometimes means going to a different grocery store than your usual chain and immediately regretting it.

    Twitter: @Reverie_Reality

    9. It's about waking up feeling refreshed:

    A car's system showing many errors.

    10. It's about the unexplained mysteries of life:

    Idk how to explain it but adults back in the day looked a lot more “adult”

    Twitter: @princehak33m

    11. It's about constantly being shocked at your own age:

    tweet about not being able to remember your age

    12. It's about learning to do what you love:

    Things that no longer interest me : 1. Driving at night. 2. Leaving the house at night. 3. Driving in the winter. 4. Leaving the house in the winter. 5. Driving 6. Leaving the house.

    Twitter: @BasitCFC

    13. It's about saying "I'm all set":

    “Sorry I gotta be up early for work” is the adult equivalent of “my mom said no”

    Twitter: @KaranveerPannu

    14. It's about realizing your mistakes:

    I just wanna apologize to the people I called old at 30 when I was 18.

    Twitter: @adventurousmug

    15. It's about strict routines:

    my morning routine includes 10 minutes of sitting on my bed n thinking about how tired i am

    Twitter: @JustinnBrownnn

    16. It's about seizing the day:

    Your 30s is basically waking up every morning wondering if you’re coming down with a cold or if this is just how you wake up now.

    Twitter: @xcolorstorm

    17. It's about having the difficult conversations:

    Being an adult is having the “we have food at home” talk with yourself.

    Twitter: @davidbaran__

    18. It's about learning how the world works:

    why are rugs so expensive? pillows? curtains? why does the trash can fill up so fast? why do i have to clean my kitchen so much? where the fuck is all this dust coming from???

    Twitter: @isabelfulla

    19. It's about seeing your friends for who they are:

    Man you really think your teachers are pure & innocent growing up until youre an adult and all your wild friends are now employed teaching the youth of america

    Twitter: @BriansJokes

    20. It's about finally connecting the dots:

    The older I get the more I understand why my mom always said “I’m going to go lay down”

    Twitter: @Kozher_FG

    21. It's about getting your exercise in:

    Adulthood is making an involuntary grunt when you do anything that involves movement.

    Twitter: @Msalexcruz

    22. It's about finding the things that speak to you:

    One of the weirder things about being an adult is having a favorite stovetop burner, yet nobody talks about it.

    Twitter: @donfrijole

    23. It's about continuing to learn:

    peak adulting is when you start using the phrase “they done lost their damn mind” regarding prices at the grocery store

    Twitter: @Mariannoo

    24. It's about remembering the important things:

    25. It's about getting stuff done:

    Spoiler alert: adulthood is 96% of you going "well, I hope this is how it works and I'll keep doing it till someone yells at me."

    Twitter: @Lucky_A_Leckie

    26. It's about watching those exclamations:

    Adult email culture is ending every sentence with an exclamation point, then proofreading to see how many is socially acceptable to keep.

    Twitter: @springrooove

    27. It's about hating mail:

    I remember the way I used to get excited whenever I received a letter addressed to me when I was younger but every time I receive one now I think “fucking what now”

    Twitter: @lolzysz

    28. It's all about being fiscally responsible:

    In this adult world $200 is really like $12

    Twitter: @kennybeifa97

    29. It's about big changes:

    I think getting older is when you'd rather day drink than go out all night.

    Twitter: @itsdjluigi

    30. It's about those quiet moments of self-reflection:

    anyone else whisper “what the fuck” to themselves 96 times a day or is it just me??

    Twitter: @baeleighjo

    31. It's about perfecting your morning routine:

    I really be trying to take 2-3 min naps in the morning, my alarm will go off at 7:35 and i’m like “shit i’ll get up at 7:38“

    Twitter: @alexdransfeldt

    32. Those sweet childhood memories:

    my favorite childhood memory is my back not hurting

    Twitter: @MoBaigz6

    33. It's about taking care of business:

    Laundry: Washing - 30 mins Drying - 60 mins Putting away - 7-10 business days.

    Twitter: @DecemberBorne

    34. It's about making the tough choices:

    My life is 50% wondering if it's too late to drink coffee and 50% wondering if it's too early to drink alcohol.

    Twitter: @Emilia26774099

    35. Embracing change:

    30s may be the new 20s but 9pm is the new midnight

    Twitter: @7karanangwa

    36. And teaching the youth of today:

    When you’re a little kid, all adults seem like they’re the same age, and when you’re an adult, all little kids seem like they’re the same age.

    Twitter: @TheWeirdWorld

    37. It's about progress:

    Parents at 27 :married, multiple kids, house Me at 27 :I prefer to order food through an app so I don't have to speak to any other humans

    Twitter: @cia_nash

    38. It's about making a schedule:

    “I’ll get gas in the morning on my way to work” is just self sabotage

    Twitter: @TisAIyssa

    39. It's about taking care of business:

    I’ve been so stressed about getting my shit together that I haven’t gotten any of my shit together

    Twitter: @tyresexm

    40. It's about making time for friends:

    Age 17: sneak out of the house to go to a party Age 37: sneak out of a party to go home

    Twitter: @NotMoscona

    41. It's about struggle and strife:

    The worst part about being an adult is that no one cares what your favorite dinosaur is

    Twitter: @stacy_sutherlin

    42. Embracing freedom:

    I'm an adult, and I can eat whatever I want whenever I want, and I wish someone would take this power from me.

    Twitter: @primawesome

    43. It's about realizing why your parents are the way they are:

    Now that I’m an adult, I understand why my mom was so upset when I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer

    Twitter: @ParisTyburski

    44. It's about those things that bring you joy:

    If replacing an old dirty dish sponge with a brand new one puts you in a great mood and on top of the f’kin world, like me, you’re over 30.

    Twitter: @AstroReeceV

    45. It's about treating yourself:

    Who knew the the most taxing part of being an adult is trying to figure out what the fuck to have for dinner every goddamn night until you die

    Twitter: @urbanhymnal

    46. It's about life lessons:

    47. It's about being fiscally responsible:

    Yall Ever Put a $7.02 Pack of Chicken Back and Got a Pack That Was $6.98???😭

    Twitter: @SwaGGTheRapper

    48. It's about enjoying the ride:

    adult person: life gets faster as you get older! me aged 10: sounds fake but ok me now:

    Twitter: @neal_thatdude

    49. It's about having complete freedom:

    Me as a kid: When I'm an adult I'm gonna stay up all night and eat whatever I want Me as an adult: If I don't finish this glass of water and go to sleep by 9 I will die

    Twitter: @doenitz101

    50. And finally, it's about chilling:

    The most tiring thing about adulting to me is how CONSTANT it is. There is ALWAYS some shit to sort out. You 'chilling' means you're probably just ignoring the million things on your to-do list.

    Twitter: @tee_babz

    Too real.