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Everything Donald Trump Looked Like In 2015

A man of many looks.

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2. A disheveled ear of corn:


7. A literal tub of butter:

This new tub of butter actually looks like Donald Trump


12. A fuzzy caterpillar:

@C_Doogz on the left is an actual real life species of Caterpillar and on the right is Donald Trump's hair


14. A cat with a bad haircut:

#TRUMPYOURCAT Cat owners style their felines' fur to resemble Donald Trump


21. The cowardly lion:

Donald Trump looks like the Cowardly Lion got way too much courage and shaved everything but his comb-over.

23. Old Biff from Back To The Future II:

Siempre me ha parecido que Donald Trump se inspiró en Biff Tannen.

26. And, finally, a troll doll:

I'm just sayin, I've never seen a troll doll and Donald Trump in the same room.

Which I cannot confirm he is not.