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    Mar 23, 2017

    19 Things That Have A Higher Approval Rating Than Donald Trump

    Just a list.

    On Satuday, March 18th Gallup reported that President Donald Trump's approval rating was 37%.

    Here are some movies that have a better approval rating than that:

    1. Bee Movie:

    "Unfortunately, bees just aren't that funny." — The Hollywood Reporter

    2. Beverly Hills Chihuahua:

    "The film is Beverly Hills Chihuahua. The audience is the fire hydrant." — NY Post

    3. Hannah Montana The Movie:

    "The bottom line is that I don't think you are going to care." — BV Entertainment

    4. Herbie: Fully Loaded:

    "There's something to be said for lowering your expectations." —

    5. Bambi II:

    "Maybe Bambi II is II much Bambi." — DVD Town

    6. The Bucket List:

    "Just die, already!" — NewsReview

    7. Ernest Saves Christmas:

    "Is this guy qualified to save an entire holiday?"

    8. Agent Cody Banks:

    "Dreadful, witless and pointless." —

    9. Shrek The Third:

    "Computer-animated ugliness." — Cinepassion

    10. Shrek Ever After:

    "They've promised us that this will be the last Shrek film, and please let it be true." — FlickFilosopher

    11. Police Academy 3: Back In Training:

    "It's perfectly serviceable." — NY Times

    12. Big Fat Liar:

    "Dumb and sloppy." — News Review

    13. Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, & Blonde:

    "A cinematic abomination." — Reel Views

    14. Dr. Doolittle 2:

    "Often tedious, occasionally cheap looking and always unimaginative." — RTE

    15. The Angry Birds Movie:

    "About as entertaining as avian flu." — Empire Online

    16. Bedazzled:

    "Flat and lame." — The Hollywood Reporter

    17. My Super Ex-Girlfriend:

    "Neither fun nor funny." — Film Threat

    18. Cats & Dogs:

    "Uma distração de fácil esquecimento." — Cinemaemcena

    19. Cars 2:

    "How ****ing sad this movie is." — Projection Booth

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