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17 Events That Had More People At Them Than Trump's Inauguration

A list.

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Donald Trump's inauguration Vs Barack Obama's... But the president says the media's been dishonest about crowd siz…

Which, if true, means Trump's inauguration had less people than...


7. The 94th Annual Durham Fair

A beautiful day to watch the Durham Fair Talent Show, happening now at Center Stage!

Over 200,000 came out to the fair in 2013.


11. The Folsom Street Fair, the world's largest gathering of leather daddies:

Suns out, guns out. Or in the case of #FolsomStreetFair, a lot more 🍆 🙃

400,000 come out (and hopefully put on some sunscreen) for it.

13. The FirstLight Federal Credit Union Sun Bowl Parade held in El Paso, Texas

Sun Bowl Parade 2014: @ElPasoElectric 's Donkey Kong inspired float with Mario and Mario Karts making an appearance

Upwards of 260,000 watched the floats roll by.