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23 Times Life Hacks Went Horribly, Horribly Wrong In 2017

life hacks went terribly wrong

1. The monstrosity that is "Big Candle":

2. This retro deathtrap:

3. This very, very sad: DIY fork:

4. This door with attached table. WITH ATTACHED TABLE!

5. Painted on trees. THEY'RE PAINTED ON!

6. The world's most dangerous table:

7. Totally safe and cool steering rocks:


8. "Amber encased nails":

9. Homemade peanut M&M's, just like Ma used to make:

10. Apple makeup:

11. This glorious kitchen setup:

12. The world's least educational knife block:

13. USB shovel. U.S.B. S.H.O.V.E.L.


14. The wall every college student dreams of:

15. This fidgeting disaster:

16. Crochet nails??? Sure, crochet nails:

17. This???

18. Your new living room:

19. A flat screen TV mounted with packing tape to a tube TV, the classiest way to watch:

20. The fast and easy way to traumatize your children:

21. The safest way to get around:

22. This DIY sandwich holder that... that just... I don't even know:

23. And, finally, LOAD BEARING SOUP: