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26 Pictures That Are True For Absolutely No Reason At All

Trust me, they are.

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1. Everyone has THE CHAIR:

2. Microwaves work like this:

3. Pictures work like this:

4. It's never worth getting out of bed:

5. There is nothing that can make you feel dumber than someone else's shower:

6. Gravity is your worst enemy:

7. There is nothing louder than forbidden chips:

8. Except maybe this:

9. Sometimes your foot just feels like THIS:

10. Food can't be enjoyed until the perfect show is found:

11. When you see this you know you had a good nap:

12. Hot coffee works like this:

13. And avocados work like this:

14. There is a HUGE difference between 45 in spring and fall:

15. Getting gas works like this:

16. There are two kinds of people:

17. Your stomach has terrible timing:

18. This is the best way to stop a mosquito bite from itching:

19. Spoons account for 87% of all water damage:

20. This is Tetris for adults:

21. You gotta let it soak:

22. Glue is only important for the first five years of your life:

23. You'll never pull down the right blind:

24. Holding a remote like this makes it work better:

25. You gotta switch it up:

26. Hearing less helps you see better:

And arguments on Facebook work like this:

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