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27 Tweets That Are True For Absolutely No Reason At All

You know it's true.

1. Sneezing is the closest you'll come to death:

2. The couch > the bed:

3. You gotta take the 45 minutes to dry off:

4. You gotta keep your faces to yourself:

5. Those 15 minutes are NECESSARY:

6. And so is that coffee:

7. Ya gotta use the bags:

8. The eye doctor is playing GAMES:

9. You ALWAYS draw the sun:

10. You never know when a smell will get you:

11. A night changes you:

12. You gotta give it some clicks:

13. You can't travel without the perfect song:

14. You're never 5 minutes away:

15. Laundry will forever haunt you:

16. Teachers were really out there going crazy:

17. Spoons will betray you:

18. Nobody has time for old fashioned directions:

19. Sometimes ya gotta say sorry:

20. Toothpaste IS a present:

21. You basically die every day:

22. You'll always break it:

23. Ya gotta wait:

24. Shuffle never gets it right:

25. You don't know what you got 'til it's gone:

26. The slap never fails:

27. And something will always come up out of the blue: