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19 People Who Have Without A Doubt Found Their Soulmate

This is it.

1. Love is all about taking chances:

2. It's about those late night talks:

3. And becoming part of the family:

4. Love is about having the hard conversations:

5. It's about growing through time:

6. And threatening litigation:

7. Love is about providing for the other person:

8. It's about developing your own way of speaking to eachother:

9. And it's about strong ass flowers:

10. Love is about being honest:

11. It's about being their through sickness:

12. And about those little cute moment throughout the day:

13. Love is about balance:

14. It's about those sweet compliments:

15. And it's about being open and honest about what you want:

16. Love is about communication:

17. It's about sharing:

18. And it's about mexican food:

19. But mostly love is about Cotton Eye Joe:

In the middle of having a heart to heart conversation my boyfriend unexpectedly sends me this screen recording...

I mean, obviously.