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    Updated on Nov 14, 2019. Posted on Oct 24, 2019

    24 Things Pretty Much Everyone Has Tried And Failed Miserably At

    At least once.

    1. Playing it cool:

    2. Squeezing that song in:

    3. Remembering even ONE song:

    4. Not saying "horses":

    5. Realizing what year it is:

    6. Remembering even the most common of names:

    7. Synching up:

    8. Properly estimating your grocery haul:

    9. Spelling this word right on the first try:

    10. Not losing "the tired":

    Getty Images / Via Twitter: @MythManny

    11. Being the slightest bit patient when expecting a package:

    12. Fitting that episode in:


    13. Pulling the right one:

    14. Cooking a reasonable amount of pasta:

    15. Finding that shirt:

    16. Getting a good night's sleep in a not-good amount of time:

    17. Processing the time:

    18. Not saying this in your head:

    19. Leaving the sandwich be:

    2:00pm: Gonna save the other half of this sandwich for later 2:06pm: Time to finish that sandwich

    20. Retracing your steps:

    21. Finishing anything anytime before the last possible minute:

    22. Keepin' that cough down:

    23. Not falling into a brushing race:

    24. And looking cool after bowling:

    Via Twitter: @osamawho

    It's impossible.

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