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    27 Tweets About Trader Joe's That Make Me Laugh No Matter How Many Times I've Seen Them

    It's the only way to do it.


    Trader Joe's employees are legally required to scan one item in your cart and say "ooh these are dangerous"

    Twitter: @MarcSnetiker


    if you go to Trader Joe’s with a list you want to see yourself fail. you gotta let the spirit of Joe guide you through the store

    Twitter: @tee_pottz


    how did trader joe’s build such a solid brand to the point where they can sell me a microwaveable burrito and I still think it’s healthy ?? we have to hand it to trader joe on this

    Twitter: @aubrey031018


    If the Trader Joe's cashier doesn't say "I love these" about anything you're buying, you have to put it all back and start over. #sorrybro

    Twitter: @KarenKilgariff



    trader joe’s could open up a restaurant where they just microwave their frozen meals and i’d eat there

    Twitter: @okayeverett


    Trader Joe’s bravely asks what if a grocery store did not really sell vegetables

    Twitter: @criesatdentist


    You're not allowed to open a Trader Joe's in a lot with a regular, adequate parking lot. It has to be quirky with a bad traffic pattern. Gotta be.

    Twitter: @tyronem


    can only blame myself for failed trader joes purchases. like no shit this pasta sucks it’s made of black beans it says so on the label

    Twitter: @MuscleSkoals


    I told my therapist, "I just want to be as happy as a Trader Joe's cashier."

    Twitter: @ConanOBrien


    Man if someone recommends something from Trader Joe’s to you, just buy two.

    Twitter: @JunaeBrown


    Twitter: @tyleroday


    Trader Joes will $2.99 yo ass to death.

    Twitter: @N9_L5


    At Trader Joe’s with no list. No plan. Clear eyes. Full heart. Huge ass. Can’t lose

    Twitter: @fibulaa


    If you think you know what love is then you haven’t had Trader Joe’s chocolate covered banana slices

    Twitter: @therealDBcoop


    Me after leaving my 36 reusable bags at home and the Trader Joe’s cashier asks if I brought one

    Twitter: @asialbx


    The most exciting thing in my life right now is browsing the Trader Joe’s dip selection.

    Twitter: @jtrain56


    I always stock up on my faves at Trader Joe’s cause you never know when they’ll disappear 😭

    Twitter: @seangarrette


    Accidentally worked a 16 hour day at Trader Joe's. Note to self: never wear a Hawaiian shirt while shopping there.

    Twitter: @YoungFunE


    When Trader Joe’s gets a new product it’s like a new friend is born and I will eat my friend soon

    Twitter: @audipenny


    Trader Joe’s is very sneaky with the dark chocolate treats near the register.

    Twitter: @SteveStaeger


    Overheard the girl behind me in line at Trader Joe's say, "I love shopping here but it stresses me out" and I think that's the general consensus of shopping at Trader Joe's

    Twitter: @briannairv


    me in any normal grocery store: anxious, meek, hungry, alone and scared, totally lost, don’t know what to buy me in Trader Joe’s: powerful, honed in, pure zen, the light inside me forges the path to exactly what I need

    Twitter: @SweetBabyTayz


    Trader Joe’s up there with Disneyland as one of the best places in the world

    Twitter: @ClubAntt


    Trader Joe's and Aldi are so much more than just grocery stores, they're *experiences*

    Twitter: @Molly_RoseCLE


    Every time I go to Trader Joe’s I think “could there be a worst goddamn parking lot? “

    Twitter: @OhOEvie