Man, I Honestly Feel Sorry For These 20 People Who Had A Really, Really, Really, Really Bad Week

    Not ideal, folks. Not ideal at all.

    Sometimes nothing goes your way. Take, for example...

    1. The person who's been seasoning their food with a healthy heap of dust:

    A kitchen with a ceiling vent and a stove top circled

    2. The person who had their beautiful work of art turn into an even more beautiful work of art:

    3. The person who spilled the tea at quite possibly the worst time:

    4. The person whose ribs would be an absolute smash hit if only they were cooking for Beelzebub:

    5. The person whose haircut is juuuuust a bit askew:

    6. The person who was lucky enough to get to watch their movie with Smell-O-Vision:

    7. The person who found the magical flying pizza slice:

    8. The person who met their nemesis at work:

    9. The person whose iPhone broke in a way previously thought impossible:

    10. The person whose backyard dog-poop situation is reminiscent of the dang fields of Verdun:

    11. The person whose neighbor was nice enough to give their light a nice little bubble bath:

    12. The person who cooked a delicious goop with their brand-new pizza stone:

    13. The person whose phone should finally be usable in a short 72-day period:

    14. The person whose floor just got hit with a heady indica:

    15. The person whose beer is going to be nice 'n' crunchy, just how they like it:

    16. The person who had the Scrabble gods tell them non in the form of oui:

    17. The person who will spend the rest of their life reliving that one minute:

    18. This person who loves their cat very much, I'm sure:

    19. The person who might wanna grab the Dyson real quick:

    20. The person whose mirror ball proved to be their demise: