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    19 People Who I'm Totally Sure Immediately Regretted Literally Every Single Dang Decision They Made Last Week

    Not great, folks. Not great at all.

    1. The person whose kitchen is a testament to man's folly:

    spices all over the floor

    2. The person who really probably should have noticed this:

    "It's going to be a long day..."

    3. The person whose bacon has seen things...terrible things:

    "My roommate forgot they were making bacon..."

    4. The person who now has a whole new set of problems on their hands:

    an opossum in someone's engine

    5. The person who now knows what it's like to be a dog:

    dog peanut butter

    6. The person who's going to start carrying a chainsaw with them:

    a tree in the road

    7. The person who's about to get MAXIMUM vitamins:

    "My vitamin gummies melted together..."

    8. The person who might want to go find a hose:

    "Good thing I wore gloves."

    9. The person whose dinner had a little extra iron in it:

    a bolt in someone's food

    10. The person who really screwed up:

    "I dropped my carefully sorted screws."

    11. The person whose insides are good and greased up:

    "Guess which one I just ate a big spoonful of?"

    12. The person who is about to have some very wet, very sticky feet:

    a man in flip flops

    13. The person who got a few extra toppings on their cupcake:

    "My cupcake fell."

    14. The person who will never, ever get home:

    "They've been side by side for fifteen minutes."

    15. The person who will now be moving every single piece of furniture in their house:

    "I moved my wardrobe and found this"

    16. The person who messed with the wrong (non-venomous) snake:

    a snake wrapped around someone's hand

    17. The person whose car is just taunting them at this point:

    "My key broke off in the ignition"

    18. The person who now must live the rest of their life off the grid:

    "They left the alarm on my coat..."

    19. The person who got one of nature's noodles in their ramen:

    "That's not a noodle..."