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18 Poor Souls Who Just Had A Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Worse Week Than You

Oof, that is not what you want.

1. The person who hit literally the only thing they should have tried to avoid:

"I didn't see it."

2. The person whose pizza rolls have been cooked by Beelzebub himself:

Burnt pizza rolls

3. The person who had a kind stranger test their ice cream for them:

Ice cream with a bite missing

4. The person who might want to watch their sodium intake:

a pile of salt on some pasta

5. The person who was kind enough to share Today's Top Hits with Pennywise:

an AirPod that's fallen through a sewer grate

6. The person who's going to enjoy staring at the seat in front of them for the next six hours:

A person missing their AirPods

7. The person whose rear-end is about to be filled to the brim with diet cola:

Spilled soda on a seat

8. The person who would give ol' Keith Moon a run for their money:

a broken drum

9. The person whose table spontaneously combusted:

a broken table

10. The person whose hoop dreams will stay just that...dreams:

a basketball on a subway track

11. The person who is in for a very moist flight:

a man with a spilled drink on his pants

12. The person who is about to have a very enjoyable day at the dentist:

A person holding their tooth filling

13. The person whose curry shall curry no more:

"I dropped my curry."

14. The person whose laptop is being preserved for future generations:

a laptop in the freezer

15. The person who got neither cheese nor burger:

a burger missing cheese and meat

16. The person who got a little extra flavoring with their latte:

a wasp in someone's latte

17. The person whose water is getting SUPERCHARGED:

a charger in someone's water

18. And the person whose chips look like they were purchased in the 14th century:

"Something is very wrong with my chips"