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20 People Who Just Had A Week Way, Way Worse Than Anything They Could Have Imagined In Their Wildest Dreams

No, no, that's not good at all.

If you just had an absolutely atrocious week, just remember...

1. The person who added a little extra grit and flavor to their pie:

Ashes on a pie

2. The person who got this sandwich for ANTS:

Someone holding a tiny sandwich

3. The person whose imagination will be working overtime tonight:

View from the nosebleed section

4. The person who the bread gods did not smile upon today:

Bread with giant holes in it

5. The person who's probably furiously Googling if AppleCare covers industrial accidents:

A destroyed iPhone

6. The person who will never, ever leave their car's top down again:

A car covered in snow

7. The person who had this Looney Toons-esque series of events happen to them:

A giant cactus toppling over onto a house

8. The person whose kettle went to the great big tea set in the sky:

A destroyed tea kettle

9. The person who will rue the day they forgot about Paving Day:

A car parked in the middle of a repaved parking lot

10. The person who had one attempt and guessed very, very wrong:

"1 incorrect attempt. Try again in 1440 minutes."

11. The person with the stickiest floor this side of the mighty Mississippi:

Syrup all over the floor

12. The person who loves their neighbor very much, I'm sure:

A car blocking someone's driveway

13. The person whose glasses are now 20,000 leagues under the toilet water:

Glasses in the toilet

14. The person who at least got some nice clay out of this transaction:

Clay instead of a new Macbook

15. The person whose neighbors have basked the entire neighborhood in blinding light:

A bright light coming from a house's backyard

16. The person whose pants just got a fresh new style reminiscent of spilt tomato soup:

Stuff spilled on someone's pants

17. The person who will never, ever be able to go home:

Spilled powder on the floor

18. The person who will remain stinky:

An empty deodorant stick

19. The person who got paint EVERYWHERE:

Paint all over a room's walls and floor and chest of drawers

20. And the person who got to have a nice, up-close, and personal interaction with their fellow traveler:

A person's foot touching someone's arm on a plane