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19 Poor, Miserable Souls Who Are Just Having A Much, Much, Much, Much, Much Worse Week Than You

Welp, it could always be worse.

If you just had an absolutely terrible week, just remember...

1. The person whose record collection just got a bit more groovy:

A melted record

2. The person whose coffee creamer had a very special ingredient in it:

A moldy bottle of coffee creamer

3. The person who just wanted to let their water pipe breath a bit:

A hole in the wall exposing a pipe

4. The person whose bowl of ramen looks like the backseat of my friend's car in high school:

An over-spiced bowl of ramen

5. The person who apparently invited Shrek over for a pool party:

A dirty pool

6. The person who is about to make The Last Of Us reality:

Mold and fungus on food

7. The person who will look upon this donut and think of all they lost:

A donut on the floor of a car

8. The person whose motorcycle trip ended with unfathomable loss:

Dead bugs on someone's helmet

9. The person who experienced the very rare Double Spill:

Spilled liquids on the floor

10. The person who asked for a Coke and had the universe tell them no:

A broken Coke can

11. The person whose milk may have sprung a leak:

Spilled milk in a fridge

12. The person whose donut had the unthinkable happen to it:

A faulty donut

13. This person who ended up with a big ol' cartoon finger:

Someone's swollen finger

14. The person whose car might just be missing something important:

Piece of a car engine on the road

15. The person whose mom kicked the life out of a plant:

A broken/dead plant

16. The person whose blender exploded all over itself:

An exploded blender

17. The person whose banana bread has a very special ingredient... shards of delicious glass:

Broken glass in an oven

18. The person who might want to read a few PDFs on how to do laundry after this:

Soap coming out of the laundry machine

19. And the person whose stress ball went absolutely nuclear:

A broken stress ball