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18 Poor, Miserable Souls Who Are Just Having A Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Worse Week Than You

That ain't great. Ain't great at all.

If you just had an absolute stinker of a week, just remember...

1. The person who learned a valuable lesson about online shopping:

2. The person who turned their garage into a winter wonderland:

3. The person whose child might just have a future in the art world:

4. The person who might have just received the most bent piece of mail in existence:

5. The person who gave their laptop a shrimp aerial assault:

6. The person who angered the ketchup gods:

7. The person who forgot probably the worst thing to forget in their pants:

8. The person who was hoisted by their own petard:

9. The person who pulled a Daniel Plainview with their Airpod:

10. The person who lost the avocado lottery:

11. The person who will be finding chia seeds until the cows come home. The cows come home, I say!

12. The person whose pillow went absolutely nuclear:

13. The person who had to look upon this abomination:

14. The person whose life holds no fortune:

15. The person who gets to share their pastry with a little friend:

16. The person whose thumb was touched by the devil himself:

17. The person who created a new species on their stinky old washcloth:

18. And Ol' Scratchy Eye: