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    19 People Who Are Having A Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Worse Week Than You

    Prayers up to these poor souls.

    If you just had yourself a no-good, terrible, soul-crushing week, just remember...

    1. The person whose DVD collection just got a whole lot saucier:

    spaghetti that fell on dvds

    2. The person whose potluck will now be taking place inside their Nissan Altima:

    queso dip spilled in a car

    3. The person whose shirt got wrinkled beyond human comprehension:

    very wrinkled shirt tied into a knot in a dryer

    4. The person whose cake has an extra-special ingredient:

    candles melted into a cake

    5. The person who will be getting their daily serving of iron lickety-split:

    nail found in Chinese takeout

    6. The person whose dogs will unequivocally be barking something fierce posthaste:

    Theater chairs with very little space

    7. The person whose coffee went absolutely nuclear in the microwave:

    coffee that exploded in a microwave

    8. The person who learned a bald guy lesson as old as time itself:

    bald guy with sunburn on his head

    9. The person whose hamburger ham-burned them bad:

    hamburger bun with mold on it

    10. The person who is now part Q-tip:

    Q-tip missing a tip

    11. The person with the worst avocado luck imaginable:

    Huge avocado pit

    12. The person who was kind enough to share their toothbrush with a friendly little guy:

    Large bug on a toothbrush

    13. The person who had a bona fide cheesecake tragedy happen to them:

    Cheesecake smattered on the kitchen floor

    14. The person who learned the true power of legumes that day:

    person who tried to crush peanuts with a pan and it broke the pan handle

    15. The person whose day is going to look a lot less Ilya Kovalchuk and a little more Scott Hamilton:

    Broken hockey puck

    16. The person who loves their dog very much, I'm sure:

    Dog who clearly ate part of a burrito someone was saving

    17. The person who was defeated by a most mighty squash:

    Knife broke off into a squash

    18. The person who will never, ever be tasked with carrying the donuts ever again:

    Donuts carried vertically that mushed together in the box

    19. And the person who...the person who...oh LORD:

    Fingernail found in a sandwich