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Oh My God, I Honestly Feel Sorry For These People Who Are Having The Absolute Worst Week Ever

Now, that's just a shame.

If you just had yourself an absolutely awful week, just remember...

1. The person who seems to have melted one of them there Avatars in that there washing machine:

2. The person whose ribs got a little extra seasoning:

3. The person whose kid had an exciting new learning experience:

4. The person who will almost certainly be patient zero for some sort of new, unstoppable super virus:

5. The person who, on the bright side, doesn't have to buy curtains all winter:

6. The person who banished their chicken to the seventh circle of Hell:

7. The person who experienced one of the worst combinations you could possibly experience:

8. The person whose hot tub was stabbed through the dang heart like its name was Tubula:

9. The person who just met some absolutely awesome gamer ants:

10. The person who shall want for ice no more:

11. The person who now has the cleanest mouth in the entire restaurant:

12. The person whose entire life was disrupted by a simple penny:

13. The person whose Dog Search is straight out of the first circle of hell:

14. The person who added a touch of love and a ton of pepper to their eggs:

15. The person who chose a very bold accessory on their first day at work:

16. The person whose chicken was just hanging out, vibing, not a care in the world:

17. The person who got their chicken cooked medium-rare:

18. The person whose little tiny glass shall forever be stuck in their mug:

19. The person whose laptop got a nice little bath:

20. And the person who experienced probably the most painful thing that can happen to a finger: