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18 Truly Unfortunate Souls Who Are Having A Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Worse Week Than You

That's gonna get a yikes from me, folks. A big yikes.

If you just had yourself an absolutely atrocious week, just remember...

1. The person whose cranberry sauce went absolutely nuclear:

cranberry sauce explosion in a kitchen

2. The person who got their kitchen nice and toasty:

person who turned on the wrong burner and burner a cutting board

3. The person who got a fun collectible sticker with their meal:

sticker in food

4. The person whose brother can't be trusted around pizza ever again:

cutting board melted under a pizza

5. The person who dropped quite possibly the most expensive thing you can drop in the USA:

needle in a rug that's $12,000 of medication

6. The person who got stuck in an elevator from the Hoover administration:

person stuck in an elevator

7. The person who lost the wing lottery:

tiny wings

8. The person whose iPhone is nice 'n' slick now:

iphone dropped into motor oil

9. The person whose blender came with a very helpful feature if you want to destroy your kitchen:

blender that detatches from the bottom

10. The person whose makeup bag is beyond saving:

dropped make-up bag with brown goop in it

11. The person who is going to cause a nation-wide Skittle shortage:

skittles scattered about

12. The person who was forever tainted by their ring:

ring stain

13. The person who will be finding remnants of smoothie years from now:

spilled smoothie

14. The person whose cat left them a nice little present:

puke in a boot

15. The person whose pizza was absolutely annihilated in transit:

messed up pizza

16. The person who learned a hard lesson about cats:

cat pee in a box of legos

17. The person who might wanna throw that toaster in some rice:

toaster washed in the washing machine

18. And the person who did the unthinkable with their computer mouse:

mouse dropped in wax