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19 Poor, Poor Souls Who Just Had A Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Worse Week Than You

Well, that doesn't look good.

If you just had an absolutely awful week, just remember...

1. The person whose car just got a stake through the heart:

A parked car with a large tree branch through the front window

2. The person who probably should have taken those muffins out a few seconds earlier:

Burnt cupcakes in a pan

3. The person who will never sit down again without looking for a sweet piece of delicious fruit:

Underwear with a red stain

4. The person who gambled and lost:

A person in a car in the middle of a body of water

5. The person whose mirror is absolutely perfectly placed:

A hotel bathroom mirror that cuts off the image of a short person

6. The person who might wanna grab some paper towels:

A spilled stew or sauce all over a restaurant kitchen floor

7. The person who will never, ever forget what this bird did to them:

A bird's footprints all across a freshly painted porch

8. The person who'd better be driving a bulldozer:

A road completely blocked by excavated dirt

9. The person who knows that nothing but despair lies beyond this door:

A shut door with water gushing out through the bottom and sides

10. The person who left the noddles in juuuuust a tad too long:

A pan of burnt noodles that look like wiggly black worms

11. The person whose strand of hair is now ready to enter the afterlife:

A tiled floor with a finish that went over a long, thick strand of hair

12. The person who needs to bring their S.O. to the veterinarian:

A block of cheddar cheese with a chunk bitten out of it

13. The person who experienced a true soy sauce disaster:

A broken bottle of soy sauce and its contents all over a kitchen floor

14. The person whose dinners are about to have a very special secret ingredient:

A cast-iron pan with plastic and some liquid melted into it

15. The person whose sandwich is, quite simply, an affront to God:

A $14 sandwich that consists of a bun, scant small pieces of meat, and two sad pickle slices

16. The person who flossed harder than anyone has ever flossed before:

A piece of tooth on a flosser

17. The person who was betrayed by the deodorant they loved the most:

The ball of a roll-on deodorant stuck in the sink hole

18. The person whose lamp is evidently possessed:

A lamp with a translucent shade that shows a bunch of liquid and maybe weird creatures in it

19. And the person whose wrist shall never be itched:

A person whose itchy wrist is covered in bandages