18 People Who Definitely Immediately Regretted Literally Every Single Decision They Made Last Week

    Ya gotta feel for these folks.

    My friends, if you're having a rough week, just remember...

    1. The person who somehow had their oatmeal go catastrophically wrong:

    2. The person who has the most explosive pants around:

    3. The person whose can shall remain forever closed, amen:

    4. The person who invented sweet salmon:

    5. The person who will now learn to like garlic a little too much:

    6. The person who received this egg salad abomination:

    7. The person who's forever finger trapped:

    8. The person who apparently made some very powerful birds very angry:

    9. Ol' Ant Hands:

    10. The person who can never return to the mall:

    11. The person who, oh lord, has to deal with this:

    12. The person who will forever be on 0% battery:

    13. The person who received a Boston donut:

    14. The person who was breathing this goop in:

    15. The person whose cat is clearly out to get them:

    16. The person who has to pay to unlock the PLUS button:

    17. The person who might have to do a little quick maintenance on their computer:

    18. And Brian's spouse: