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    Updated on Feb 22, 2019. Posted on Feb 19, 2019

    15 People Who Need To Seriously Re-Evaluate Their Life Decisions

    This isn't okay.

    1. What is this? What are you doing?

    2. Are you serious right now?

    3. This is a cry for help. I want to help you.

    4. Please get your life in order.

    5. Please get it together.

    6. This is what we call self-desuctrive behavior.

    7. This is a cry for help.

    8. I mean, how does this even happen? How does your life spiral this far out of control?

    9. What are you waiting for?

    10. Are you REALLY going to read all these? ARE YOU?

    11. This is physically painful to look at. Like, I'm experiencing pain in my jejunum.

    12. Commas shouldn't be coming in to play in the notification game.

    13. Chills.

    14. This needs to end.

    15. Please, think of the children. Delete the emails. You have to the power to change the future.


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