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25 Pictures That Will Give Retail Workers Intense Flashbacks


1. On keeping it real:

2. On staying the course:

3. On breaks:

4. On laughing to keep from crying:

5. On closing time:

6. On achieving victory:

7. On playing it cool:

8. On weekends:

9. On goodbyes:

10. On handing down the decline hammer:

11. On noxious fumes:

12. On nonexistent coupons:

13. On being mobbed:

14. On managers:

15. On forgotten wallets:

16. On being threatened:

17. On the mad dash for the break room:

18. On the fold and scold:


20. On the devil's currency:

21. On the funniest joke in the world:

22. On the worst message you can be sent:

23. On channeling your inner Einstein:

24. On listening skills:

25. And on work in general: