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    21 Pictures People Not In College Will Never Understand

    This is college.

    1. College is all about getting your money's worth:

    2. It's about pasta by ANY MEANS NECESSARY:

    3. And always carrying a backpack full of stolen toilet paper:

    4. College is eating cereal with a plastic fork:

    5. It's making the most of those precious solo cups:

    6. And it's about stocking your fridge with the essentials:

    7. College is a time of experimentation:

    8. Of trying new things:

    9. Of desperate measures:

    10. And conservation:

    11. College is all about being resourceful:

    12. It's about taking care of your property:

    13. And learning how not to procrastinate:

    14. College is a time of drastic measures:

    15. A time where you truly learn the value of a bottle:

    16. And a time of great ingenuity:

    17. College is a time of financially sound decisions:

    18. Of bold fashion choices:

    19. It's a time to learn how to hide things:

    20. And a time where you learn how to cook:

    21. But mostly it's about watching your trash grow taller and taller until someone breaks and takes it out:

    That's college.