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23 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Movie "Finding Nemo"

In celebration of the 3D re-release (!!!) and potential sequel (!!!!!!!) of Finding Nemo, here are 23 things you never knew about the BEST Pixar movie. No argument.

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4. The movie originally didn't start out so sad. The death of Nemo's mother was told through flashbacks, instead. However, the animators changed this because they "wanted the viewers to understand the overprotective nature of Marlin" from the start.


5. The actor who plays Shane Botwin from "Weeds" is the voice of Nemo:


Strangely enough, Nemo's mother is voiced by the actress who played Celia on "Weeds" and his father, Marlin, by Shane's grandfather on the show.


12. The reason the diver's camera reads "A113," is because that was the room used by the animation department at CalArts. CalArts was the alma mater of a large number of Pixarians:


15. Several times in the film, the characters say the line "all drains lead to the ocean." Since water often undergoes treatment before reaching the ocean, the JWC Environmental company joked that "a more realistic title for the movie is "Grinding Nemo."


18. The scene where Dory and Marlin need to go through the Jellyfish colony contains 74,472 jellyfish, and upwards of 8,000 in any single shot: / Via

Additionally "it took a total of 361,975 feathers to cover all 7 pelicans in the film" and 200 turtles to fill the turtle riding scene.

20. Megan Mullally ("Will & Grace," 'Party Down," "Parks & Rec") originally had a part in the film, but was fired from the film because "she refused to copy her high-pitched voice from [Will & Grace]."


23. Andrew Stanton, the film's director and writer, decided to cast Ellen Degeneres "after Stanton watched The Ellen DeGeneres Show with his wife and saw Ellen "change the subject five times before finishing one sentence", just like Dory.

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