32 Things Literally Everyone Thought Were Completely Normal In High School That Definitely Weren't

    In retrospect, that was kinda gross.

    1. The start time:

    I can’t believe school used to start before 9am and I actually WENT

    2. That one kid who always had to wear shorts:

    Everyone else in school: "Yo it's so cold outside, I'm freezing." That one kid:

    Twitter: @mihsuXX

    3. All the screams:

    Tweet reading "Those kids in your class who scream right when the teacher turns off the lights"

    4. Gettin' a little musty before 11 a.m.:

    Tweet reading, "Remember 4th grade P.E. when you ran a five-minute mile in street clothes and then went directly to math?"

    5. Or just seeing anything anywhere and accepting it:

    A picture of a clock taped to another clock

    6. The toilet situation:

    Toilets with a garbage can in them, a crab in them, and a large wooden stake in them

    7. Bowel movements requiring permission:

    Tweet reading, "Can't believe I spent 11 years of my life asking teachers if i was allowed to use the bathroom and sometimes be told no? What the fuck"

    8. The very random things used as passes:

    A hall pass that's literally just a leaf

    9. Square dancing?

    Me: how do I do my taxes Public School: shut the fuck up and square dance

    10. Teachers going to extreme measures:

    Picture of a calculator glued to a brick

    11. All those jacked-up theater kids:

    I’m sick of coffee I want whatever theater kids consumed that made them act like that at 8am

    12. Spending most of class just running your finger along the wall like this:

    A person runs their finger along a crack in a wall

    13. The Bill obsession:

    tumblr post about obsessing over bill nye

    14. The very strange diet of a high schooler:

    Tweet reading, "High school really had us drinking milk with hamburgers at 11:30 a.m."

    15. Kids doing this for no reason:

    Picture of a kid with his eyelids inside out

    16. Kids throwing hands at the crack of dawn:

    Tweet reading, "How were motherfuckers in high school up at 7:30 a.m. ready to fight"

    17. The sheer intensity of a Jeopardy review game:

    Tumblr post about how the most intense part of school is jeopardy review day

    18. Kids cracking their backs on this chair nonstop:

    A blue chair

    19. All the vomit:

    Tweet reading, "Remember that phase of grade school when it was pretty common for kids to just randomly throw up in the middle of class"

    20. Putting on pinnies that reeked of stale sweat:

    Assorted pinnies

    21. Walking into the bathroom, seeing this, and just thinking, Yeah, makes sense:

    Tweet with a picture of a toilet covered in red onion shavings

    22. Did I mention the noises?

    tumblr post about boys who make loud noises in the back of the classroom

    23. The lone ball up top:

    Ball stuck in scaffolding

    24. The VERY serious dash for chicken nuggets:

    Picture of a lunch tray

    25. Things just breaking off for no reason:

    Picture of a door handle breaking off a door

    26. Being IMMEDIATELY behind:

    Meme reading, "Math teachers at the first day of school year: We are already behind schedule"

    27. That rumor everyone knew for some reason:

    Tumblr post about that one rumor that Marilyn Manson cut out his ribs to suck his own dick

    28. Thinking stabbing yourself with a mechanical pencil made you cool:

    Kid stabbing himself with a mechanical pencil

    29. The noises...THE NOISES:

    Tumblr post about hearing random screaming from a classroom and wondering what's going on

    30. Every single class ending like this:

    Tumblr post about kids putting their binders away while a teacher yells at them not to

    31. People dressed up for absolutely no reason:

    32. And thinking it was VERY important that you know this:

    Tumblr post about how the only thing you learn in school is that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell