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    31 Things Literally Every Single One Of Us Experienced As Kids But Never, Ever Talk About

    We all did 'em.

    1. That new shoe sprint:

    Mandatory trial run from memes

    2. Life in high society:

    Twitter: @RespectfulMemes

    3. The miracle of life:

    8 year old me at recess from memes

    4. The POWER:

    5 year old me strong boi from memes

    5. The very appropriate songs:

    17 year old me in case of Polish Cow from memes

    6. The Ruler Vision:

    guy looking through a green ruler and seeing the world green

    7. The inevitable slap:

    Twitter: @eduardonut0

    8. The disappearing tattoo:

    My childhood was a tragedy from memes

    9. The ultimate joke:

    Childhood Memories from memes

    10. The finishing touch on any drawing:

    They the next Picasso from memes

    11. Your first smoking break:

    Is there anyone who didn't do that? from memes

    12. The four horsemen of the playground:

    My childhood from memes

    13. Potion making:

    It was fun doe from memes

    14. Spider Pool Powers:

    I can feel it from raimimemes

    15. The anixety:

    8 year old me from memes

    16. Your attempt to defeat the forces of nature:

    me🧲irl from me_irl

    17. The ultimate toy:

    Better than magazines from memes

    18. The eye-opening experience:

    Bow to me from memes

    19. The most painful frozen treat:

    Like A Childhood Memory from memes

    20. The inevitable poke:

    Childhood memories from memes

    21. The mind-blowing math:

    What majikery is this big brother? from memes

    22. The most dangerous move:

    Shut it off from memes

    The amazing race:

    6 year old me be like: from memes

    23. The psychic powers:

    7 year old me was ahead of his time from memes

    24. The ultimate creation:

    25. The devestation:

    sad pand noises from memes

    26. The fridge watch:

    tweet reading 10 year old me closing the fridge door to watch the light turn off

    27. The confusion:

    5 year old me from memes

    28. Your first shot:

    29. Your first starring role:

    picture of someone pointing at a grocery store security screen

    30. The backpack strap roll-up:

    me irl from me_irl

    31. And the pain. THE PAIN!

    The bane of my childhood from memes

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