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    29 Things Basically Everyone Experienced During Their Childhood But Never, Ever Talks About

    And I STILL do some of them.

    When they were a kid, pretty much everyone...

    1. Pinched their finger for no reason:

    2. Rolled up the straps on their backpack as tightly as humanly possible:

    Picture of backpack straps being rolled up

    3. Did the dolphin thing:

    Picture of a hand outside a car window flat and riding the wind

    4. Became grocery store–famous:

    Picture of Spiderman pointing at himself on the CCTV at the grocery store

    5. Stabbed the life out of an eraser:

    Picture of a pencil eraser with many holes in it

    6. Developed a "smoking" habit:

    Picture of Baby Yoda exhaling into winter air and causing smoke

    7. Clipped their mouth shut for some reason:

    Picture of a kid with a hair clip closed around his mouth

    8. Began a long career as a chemist:

    A meme about mixing up Coke, 7up, and Dr Pepper at the soda machine

    9. Took tons of bottle cap shots:

    Picture of a water bottle pouring into a cap

    10. Felt that deep watermelon seed regret:

    Picture of a panda sitting forlornly with the text reading "5-year-old me after I ate a seed and someone told me that now a tree is gonna grow inside me"

    11. Raced raindrops on a car window:

    Baby Yoda looking up with the text "7-year-old me watching my raindrop win the race"

    12. Pretended to have pool powers:

    Meme with Spiderman on the side of a building

    13. Drew hair exactly like this:

    Picture of a kid with a big PVC pipe on his head

    14. Became a waterbender:

    Picture of a hand bending water into that little hole in a sink

    15. Tried their best to defeat science:

    Meme with Captain America holding two things together with the text "6-year-old me trying to force two magnets to touch"

    16. Became a superhero:

    Meme with Wolverine that reads "10-year-old me after putting pencils between my fingers"

    17. Felt like the highest of high society:

    Pooh Bear dressed in a tux with the text "12-year-old me drinking grape juice out of a wine glass"

    18. Played dead:

    Tweet with Goofy lying in water with the text "Me when I was 10 pretending to be dead in the pool to see if anyone would care"

    19. Rubbed glue all over their hands just to peel it off:

    Tweet with a picture of someone peeling glue with the text "IK I’m not the only one who used to put glue on my hands, wait for it to dry, and peel it off when I was bored"

    20. Ate macaroni like a cultured human:

    Picture of a fork with a piece of macaroni on each tine

    21. Tried to balance the switch in the middle:

    Picture of someone using a light switch

    22. Ran your hand along the wall exactly like this:

    Picture of a person running their finger along a wall

    23. Pulled as many coupons as they could get your hands on:

    Picture of a coupon dispenser

    24. Made the most awkward call:

    Tweet with a nervous-looking dog reading "8-year-old me when my mum made me ring people to thank them for my birthday presents"

    25. Made the mad dash upstairs:

    Picture of a chicken running with the text "When you turn the basement lights off and run upstairs before death consumes you"

    26. Poked their finger through that plastic:

    Picture of someone poking their finger through the plastic lining on a soda case

    27. Kept an eye open for demons:

    Scared D.W. from Arthur with the text "Me opening my eyes after washing my hair for .2 seconds cuz I think a demon watching me"

    28. Tried to push 'em all down:

    A five-color pen

    29. And fell for this exact joke:

    Meme with an angry Gaston from "Beauty and the Beast"

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