18 Things Elon Musk's Brand New Tesla Truck Looks Exactly Like

    It is very unique.

    Last night Elon Musk revealed the new Tesla "supertruck", finally answering the cries for an an electric truck outfitted with bulletproof windows. Here's what it looks like:

    The Tesla Cybertruck — a futuristic pickup truck that’s fully electric and built like a tank. The future is now.


    And because this is the internet and we all need to do something to stave off the perpetual emptiness and aimlessness of modern life, boy, did people on Twitter have some thoughts on what this new truck looks like:

    Tesla truck #Cybertruck #teslatruck

    1. A door stopper:

    2. Lara Croft's low-poly PS1 boobs:

    3. The first car every kid drew in Kindergarten:

    I’m telling my kids this was the Tesla cybertruck #teslatruck #tesla #Cybertruck

    I mean...

    4. The Agro Crag:

    That Tesla truck looks like the Aggro Crag my G

    5. A paper airplane:

    That Tesla Cybertruck looks like a paper airplane

    6. The fifth place car in the Pinewood Derby:

    This Tesla truck looks like a pinewood derby car.

    7. That one fish from Spongebob:

    Why does the Tesla Cybertruck look like they put Flats the Flounder on wheels?

    8. A shoe designed by Kanye West:

    That Tesla looks like a Kanye West shoe

    9. Porygon:

    My boy said the new Tesla truck looks like Porygon😂😂😂

    10. A relatively speedy car in San Andreas:

    11. The Warthog from Halo:

    12. What everyone thought future cars would look like in the '80s:

    The Tesla #Cybertruck really pays tribute to how cars were meant to look in the future according to movies like Total Recall

    13. The car Homer Simpson designed:

    14. The SWAT tank from San Andreas:

    Tesla truck look like the swat tank from San Andreas

    15. The lovechild of a cheese grater and a dust buster:

    The Tesla Cybertruck : It looks like a cheese grater fucked a dust buster.

    16. A car a kid made on Roblox:

    The Tesla truck look like it came straight out of Roblox

    17. A car a 3rd grader would draw after discovering a ruler:

    The Tesla truck looks EXACTLY like what a 3rd grader would draw.

    18. And a car designed by a brilliant yet misunderstood high school student in a feature length film:

    I'm sorry, but that Tesla truck looks like something a high school student built in their garage for a science fair.