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19 Pictures That Are Worse Than Not Voting In The Election

There's got to be a few.

1. Mistaking nair for shampoo:

2. Going to the zoo from hell:

3. Playing a rousing game of "Pear or Potato":

4. Having the gas nozzle get revenge on you:

5. Falling asleep with your precious cereal:

6. Greedy seagulls:

7. Being this girl:

8. The terror of a bee in a car:

9. Making this first impression:

10. Losing your baby:

11. 16 hours of wet pants:

12. Eating spaghetti and driving:

13. Being trapped:

14. Having a leg full of pen:

15. Waking up to this:

16. Getting trapped in the worst possible place:

17. Having one of those new-fangled liquid alarm clocks:

18. This sandwich:

19. And getting sent this picture:

Oh, wait. NOTHING is worse than not voting.