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    25 Things That Retail Employees Absolutely Hate That Customers Do

    Just stop.

    If you...

    1. Ask questions like this:

    customers really come up to me and ask “when this whole covid thing gonna be over?” Lmfao bro idk let me go ask my manager

    2. Have absolutely zero idea how to wear a mask:

    3. Talk about hating masks:

    4. Or just don't wear a mask in general:

    5. Come immediately before close:

    this customer walked in 10 SECONDS before we CLOSED and she had the audacity to yell “yay i made it” bitch you made what? made me mad?

    6. And fail to see the obvious:

    “Are you closed??????” no ma’am, we actually just decided to lock the front and start mopping for fun

    7. Try to make things better by saying "I know it's not your fault":

    Why do customers give ya actual verbal abuse for ten mins straight then go ‘I know it’s not you, it’s not your fault’. Yeh I know it’s not

    8. Make this exact joke:

    Item: Doesn’t scan Customer: Oh, must be free! Me:

    9. Or this exact joke:

    Customer: “working hard or hardly working??? haha” Me:

    10. Say "you just lost a customer":

    No retail worker has ever been intimidated by the phrase “you just lost a customer.” Like oh nooo we’re only gonna make $345,629 instead of $345,671. I’m sorry you feel that way about our store, would you like your apology letter in the mail, or hand delivered?

    11. Talk all about how great it is to not be working:

    Me: Customers: OMG it’s so gorgeous out today how are yous open, It’s such a fab day and yous are in here working, omg bet you wish you were out in that sun

    12. Tell them your entire life story:

    Working in retail was wild, people just tell you things about their personal life and you just stand there... Not knowin' how to respond to “I'm going to a funeral” or “I’m getting a divorce” like that sucks… $13.48 is your total.

    13. But at the same time not extend the bare minimum of humanity:

    14. Hand them money from your nether regions:

    tweet reading is there anything more vile than customers handing you roasting sweaty coins

    15. Put items back wherever you want:

    an onion in the movie section

    16. Beckon them like they're a farm animal:

    hand beckoning

    17. Forget that online and in-person are very different worlds:

    tweet reading dear customer just because it's on our website doesn't meant we stock it in store

    18. Stand around and chat in the middle of a global pandemic:

    two people chatting in an aisle

    19. Completely ignore barriers:

    20. Toss your money on the counter:

    21. Think the rules don't apply to you:

    This morning, the young barista woman told me that a customer came in with a mask, but not wearing it. When she asked the customer to put on her mask please, the woman said: "Why? There's no-one in here."

    22. Pull out change at the last possible moment:

    23. Or, lord forbid, a penny:

    Me: opens drawer Customer: oh wait I have a penny First of all, I don't know how to count

    24. Stay way past closing:

    tumblr post reading attention all customers our store will be closing in five minutes if you are present in the store after closing you will be hunted for sport

    25. And, lastly, if you say something like this:

    I hate when customers say “Why do they have you working on Holidays?” because you’re in here tf

    Chances are retail workers hate you.