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29 Things Literally Everyone Does But Would Never Dare To Admit

Guilty as charged.

1. The worthy risk:

2. The short breaths:

3. The wave of panic:

4. The remote trace:

5. The deep question:

6. The slang embrace:

7. The shower frustration:

8. The intimate connection:

9. The true sign of maturity:

10. The time warp:

11. The terror:

12. The spelling nightmare:

13. The only way to cool down food:

14. The big delay:

15. The never-ending quest to find the perfect soundtrack:

16. The quiet shame:

17. The sleepiness:

18. The anxiety:

19. The pure, pure joy:

20. The restart:

21. The sweet, sweet roll:

22. The hard questions:

23. The frustration:

24. The poker face:

25. The hot blanket:

26. The soundtrack to life:

27. The hardest question you'll ever answer:

28. The double-check:

29. The only way to relax:

And the responsible choice:

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