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39 Things Only People Who Live In Hong Kong Will Understand

MTR, save me now.

1. You know this sight all too well:

2. You know that the weather forecast might as well just be these two pictures:

3. Or this:

4. But you know there's only one true way to know if summer is coming:

5. You know that you can never prepare properly in the summer:

6. Or in the winter:

7. Or in the afternoon:

8. Or just walking down the street:

9. You know where the second Hobbit film REALLY got its title:

10. And where to find heaven on Earth:

11. You know this feeling all too well:

12. This too:

13. Or this:

14. You know the MTR taught you how to dance:

15. And how to love:

16. You know this all too well:

17. And have been in this situation one too many times:

18. And this situation too:

19. But hopefully not this:

20. You know the best seats to sit on the MTR:

21. And where the best Facebook posts come from:

22. You definitely have a strong opinion of mainlanders:

23. You know what it feels like to travel in a race car:

24. Or what it's like to climb Mount Everest:

25. But hopefully not what it's like to swim in the harbor:

26. You know what it's like to be stranded:

27. And what it's like to be ripped off in a cab:

28. Or to ride around in a fridge:

29. You're used to seeing something like this:

30. And taking pictures like this:

31. And you know how to create beautiful music with this:

32. You know how most social gatherings go:

33. And that red means "run":

34. You know there's no better ice cream:

35. And no better noodles:

36. And no better toast:

37. You know there's no better feeling:

38. And no better duck:

39. But what you really should know is this: