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    50 Things Literally Everyone Used To Have In Their Home 30 Years Ago That I Can Guarantee No One Has Anymore

    There's no way anyone has any of these things in their home anymore.

    30 years ago, pretty much everyone had...

    1. A big giant TV that weighed 300 pounds:

    An old TV

    2. A room in the house with walls exactly like this:

    Wood-paneled walls

    3. A jar full of candy completely stuck together that no one had any idea how old it was:

    A bowl of candy

    4. A phone you'd have to come barreling down the stairs to answer in time:

    A landline phone

    5. This type of furniture in a room that probably smelled a bit like cigarette smoke:

    Old furniture

    6. One of these chairs that always seemed to get stickier the hotter it got outside:

    A lawn chair

    7. A kitchen with this kind of floor:

    Detailed image of a linoleum tile background from the 1970s

    8. A literal book you'd have to bring to the bank with you:

    A checkbook

    9. This blender that seemed to last decades:

    A blender

    10. The greatest toy ever...The Moo Box:

    A Moo Box

    11. A list of phone numbers on a sheet of paper tucked away in some drawer:

    phone number list

    12. This exact crockpot:

    old fashioned crockpot

    13. This alarm clock:

    An alarm clock

    14. This exact carpet:

    carpet with a sewn-in pattern

    15. A big ol' ball of needles:

    sewing pin cushion

    16. A big fruit log in your freezer:

    juice from concentrate

    17. This EXACT blanket:

    old orange and brown blanket

    18. That you'd have to set the TV to channel 3 to watch movies:

    A television set

    19. This exact dresser:

    A dresser

    20. One of these in the bathroom:

    A bathroom TV

    21. This wooden bowl that was most likely used for a crisp, cool iceberg salad:

    wooden bowl

    22. A kitchen table that looks exactly like this:

    A diner-style table

    23. A container that could only be opened with a knife or a spoon:

    nesquik container

    24. These things that could class up any dish served on a paper plate:

    hatched plate

    25. One of these things that was probably not filled with what it was originally intended to be filled with:

    camera film bottle

    26. One of these boxes that held a surprise within:

    A box with a lock and key

    27. This dish that was perfect for any food:

    old school quart dish

    28. The ultimate piece of toy technology:

    parking garage toy

    29. And the other ultimate toy:

    Fisher Price Activity Center

    30. A big binder filled to the brim with CDs, or just CDs in general:

    A CD booklet

    31. One of these right next to your phone:

    A device with letters on it

    32. This peeler:


    33. This exact masher:

    A potato masher

    34. And this type of grill:

    70s grill

    35. One of these in the bathroom:

    toilet paper doll

    36. One set of these around the holidays:


    37. Two sets of keys for one single car:

    Two keys

    38. A pile of these left out on the floor:

    pile of jax

    39. A sifter made out of metal:

    A metal sifter

    40. One of these:

    A washboard

    41. A bunch of these lying around the house:

    viewmaster slides

    42. A bottle of this very, very painful stuff:

    mercurochrome medicine

    43. These coffee-making tools:

    old fashioned coffee maker

    44. Countless VHS holders:

    vhs case

    45. One of these in your freezer:

    An old ice tray

    46. And one of these in your kitchen:

    A heater

    47. This exact can opener:

    An old can opener

    48. One of these to fix wear and tear:

    An old case

    49. This fool-proof opener:

    An opener

    50. And a whole bunch of silly putty:

    silly putty copying a newspaper