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    Each And Every One Of These 19 Things I Just Found Out Completely And Totally Blew My Mind Last Week

    Hockey players sure know how to party.

    1. This is how huge a moose's tooth is:

    2. Australian tax returns tell you where your taxes go:

    3. Some movie theaters have the answer to the question that's on literally everyone's mind after a movie:

    4. You can't put cartoons on food packaging in Chile:

    Read more about why here.

    5. George Jetson is about to be born:

    6. The Boston Bruins know how to party:

    7. This is what a 150-year-old tomato looks like:

    Read more about the 150 year old seeds here.

    8. The Portuguese care about their cellphone tower aesthetics:

    9. The inside of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is... underwhelming:

    10. This is what Pangea looks like with modern borders:

    The map is from 2012 and by Massimo Pietrobon.

    11. There IS a difference between jam, jelly, preserves, and butter:

    12. There are absolutely enormous snakes in ALABAMA, of all places:

    13. You can finally rest: this is what a polish coconut looks like:

    14. This is what the mold Goldfish are made out of looks like:

    15. If you sever a nerve in your finger it won't prune anymore:

    16. This is what a juvenile tyrannosaur tooth looks like:

    17. Some remotes have a button just for soccer:

    18. Revolving fridges exist:

    19. And, finally, on September 2nd, 2019, an incredible thing happened: